37p a Kilo of Split Maize

0.37 GBP

Consider adding Maize and Kitchen Wastes (Meat/Cheese etc) to your Chicken Feeds. Maize contains all the Seven Essential Chemicals in Food, except, Animal Protein and certain Vitamins. It also protect them from Diseases because of its Zinc Content.
Here is a little help! A full bag of 100% Corn and easy to swallow by chickens of all ages, for only £7.40 a 20Kg Bag or a Kilogram measured to your face for 37p a Kilo. An Heavy Duty Polythene Bag is available at an Extra Cost of 10p or 17p
Growers' or Layers' Pellets is £6.50 a 20Kg Bag and Wheat is £4

Location: East Midlands - Derbyshire
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