Alcohol Help

About us & What We OfferDelete Alcohol was Founded in 2002,
and we have been on an epic journey since we launched.

Supporting only one borough, now we have grown so fast and now support the whole of the UK.
We are proud to offer an exceptional Alcohol Addiction Service helping individuals break free from alcohol.
We Started with the idea that individuals everywhere should be able to access Addiction Therapy at any time, that's why we provide 24-hour support, not just office hours. Once you register, you will be given a Mobile Telephone number to ring, giving you access to a real person, no switchboards, no appointments.
We are extremely proud that we can accommodate home visits where necessary, as this was and still is a missing factor in Addiction support.

Our Therapy is not like talking to a friend. It is far more effective, not only offering advice but giving you a fresh perspective, helping you find your own understanding of what you are dealing with, and teaching you coping strategies. And it's often easier to talk to a professional than a friend or family member as your counsellor is not personally involved in your situation, can offer impartial empathy and compassion, and will not take what you say personally. Anyone who is willing to accept help to look at themselves and their issues honestly and attentively can benefit from our Addiction Therapy.

We give people the tools needed to beat alcoholism, not only keeping them motivated and focused but by helping them make the right decisions to stay sober.
We provide a Detox plan where necessary, not only providing you with a safe and effective way to Detox from alcohol, we will advice you on nutrition, we can guide an individual every step of the way, We will catch up at least once a week, to discuss what needs to be changed and what needs to be addressed, most clients do contact us more often, but this is totally down to the individual.
Along with online and telephone support, Face to Face Video calls, we also provide videos, e-books, give access to individuals to a live chat forum, where you can interact anonymously with other people in your shoes.

If you would like to sign up or know someone who may be struggling and needs real help breaking an addiction to alcohol, the process is very simple, we just need, your name, email address, and telephone number, we can then arrange a telephone appointment at a time that suits you, to discuss your individual case.

Location: West Midlands - Staffordshire
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