Domestic amp Commercial window cleaning

Domestic & commercial window cleaning with purified water. high level reach system for facias and solar panels. environmentally friendly no chemicals used.

We use a system that uses pure water to clean windows, cladding, doors and conservatories. Our water uses a processes called reverse osmosis process which ensures all impurities are removed which ensures a deep cleaning without chemicals. When the windows are dry they are clean and streak/smear free. We deliver the water using pumps which is fed through a carbon fibre pole which allows us to clean windows upto a height of 45 feet. No ladders are used so there are no health and safety issues. No harmful chemicals or washing liquids are used. Purified water is kinder to your windows but the water cleans more effectively
Would our services be of interest to yourselves? We cover the whole of the UK and we are currently giving quotes to potential customers who would feel they would benefit from this kind of system
If you are interested then please feel free to get in touch with myself and we can arrange a quote for

Location: East Midlands - Nottinghamshire
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