Ease and Empowerment Open Meeting - Sunday 13th October


Balanced View Open Meetings introduce the one simple change in the use of the mind which gives deep lasting peace and complete freedom from suffering.

Come to a meetup and meet people passionate about knowing the true nature of their mind and living a life of flourishing and benefit to all. Learn about the training and tools of Balanced View's worldwide empowerment network, and how a life of ease, love, benefit and true satisfaction is available to you.

Balanced View Trainers will share their experience of using the practice of short moments to effortlessly access the innate ease and beneficial power of mind in every moment.

Balanced View is a timeless wisdom teaching in a modern form, offering tools, resources, support and trainers to help you get to know the love, clarity and beneficial power that is innate to you and every human being.

Flow of the session:

11.25am Welcome

11.30am Start of Meeting (we close our doors at 11.30am)

Watching a short video from Candice O'Denver, Balanced View founder.

Space for questions

Trainers share

Participant share

End of meeting / Information Area is open

@ St Werburghs Community Center, Horley Rd, BS2 9TJ
The suggested contribution: £5-15
All are welcome, regardless of ability to contribute.

For further information about Balanced View, you are very welcome to find us on:

Facebook: Balanced View UK

Meetup: Balanced View Bristol

You Tube: https://www.youtube.com/user/balancedviewvideos


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