- Learn how to shut down that NEGATIVE VOICE in your head
- Learn how to face and CLEAR past Traumas
- Learn how to CALM DOWN and COPE in stressful situations
- Learn how to STOP being anxious in public
- Learn how to get back your CONFIDENCE and SELF ESTEEM

And much much more besides

Hello, My name is Mark Lidster from HA2 Hypnotherapy and I'm looking for volunteers to attend the pilot of my new Anxiety Breakthrough workshop. My small group,1 day workshops will be free, and will be run on a couple of Saturdays in April .

The workshops are intended to help you understand and learn how to clear Anxiety from your life. If Anxiety is negatively affecting your life then this workshop is definitely for you. And now you have a limited opportunity to do it free of charge.

So if you would like to know more and possibly volunteer to attend an Anxiety Breakthrough workshop, please go to the website link
This will explain everything you need to know about the workshop and whether it is right for you.
Alternatively ring me directly using my contact details

Thank you for time, and I hope to be helping you.

Location: London - London
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