instinctive massage 3 hrs free donation

i have experience of massage and shiatsu plus other techniques since the last 22 years. i am 51. i also like sound therapy and indian mantra's. i currently like shreem brzee which is laksmi mantra
i also love the music of the beautiful south and am into flower remedies. so my instinctive massage offer is like this; bring whatever music suits you on an i pod
can be classical , jazz whatever, take a bach flower remedy which resonates
do some meditation the same day to be open to whatever comes.
massage can be clothed and just shiatsu style with foot massage
or also with aromatherapy , shiatsu, deep tissue techniques
and closing with metamorphic technique on the feet and hands
based on the spinal reflexes. i need a room for this in bristol. so anyone with a therapy room gets a free session. just need a tenner re travel expenses.
this is an entirely new offering; based on various techniques learned over the years.
not really into tantra but happy to include heart opening for women, with whatever oils resonate eg rose otto
if i was to recomend music its ode to joy by beethoven
play on a loop if you want. this also feels very linked
to heart opening
email me at
click to contact
re art work related to heart opening , i think the vitruvian man by da vinci
is really connected to this

Location: South West - Avon
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