Mileage Correction, Radio Decoding, Performance BHP Remap, PDFFAPEGR OFF, ECU Re-mapping, Immo Off

Mileage Correction, Radio Decoding, Performance BHP Remap, PDF/FAP/EGR OFF, ECU Re-mapping, Immo Off, We're offering Mileage Correction to vehicles up to 2015, Radio Decoding for genuine vehicle radios, Performance BHP REMAPPING for all cars up to 2014 DPF OFF, FAP OFF, EGR OFF, SRS Crash Data Repair & Key immobilizer programming, Remote lock programming... Mileage Correction. We can correct mileage to vehicles up to 2015 (just send a text message with make / model, year, reg number and we will reply with price). You can post your speedometer to us and we will correct mileage on it and return within 24 HRS Radio decoding. We can decode up to 99% of radios, some times we can decode it by serial numbers (you can send only photo of serial number to us), but some times we need to get it to the hands to get the code. You can post your radio to us, and we will decode it and return within 24HRSRemapping. Remap.BHP Increasing up to 20 - 35% (Diesel Cars) MPG Increasing up to 10 - 15% Torque Increasing Power Remap - Power Tuning is essential for those drivers who feel their vehicle is a not living up to its potential. Eco Remap - 7-15% Fuel Saving ? Better throttle response ? Improve mpg We can do remap on 99% of cars up to 2014. DPF Removal - DPF OFF / FAP OFF EGR Disable - EGR OFF Immobilizer removal - IMMO OFF You can post ECU (Engine Control Unit) to us and we will remap it and return within 24HRS SRS Crash Data Repair. We can reset crash data in Airbag module, after vehicle was repaired and airbags replaced. ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ WE DO NOT OFFER AIRBAG BYPASS, PLEASE DO NOT DISTURB IF YOU'RE INTERESTED IN AIRBAG BYPASS ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ (PLEASE DO NOT PLAY WITH PEOPLE LIVES) You can post Airbag Module to us, and we will reset it and return within 24HRS (airbags, airbag sensors and seatbelts should be replaced if needed) Key Immobilizer Programming. Unfortunately at this moment we can do about 70% of cars up to 2012-2013. In order to program new keys, car should arrive to us. (before arriving please send us a text message with car details, make / model year and reg number and we will confirm if we can help you with it) Prices : Mileage correction from - £30 Radio decoding from - £5 Re-Map from - £100 SRS Crash Data Repair from - £20 Key Programming from - £30 FIND US ON FACEBOOK TranseLot Mileage correction Kettering, Kettering,.


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