iPhone X Case

10.99 GBP

Q&A about iphone X Case : Q1: Is it really suit well iPhone X 2017 Release? A: Yes, it compatible with iPhone X/iPhone 10 (2017 Release). Q2: Does this work with wireless charging? A: Yes, absolutely no problem with Wireless Charging through it Q3: Will this case need to be taken off to wireless charge the phone? A: No, it supports wireless charging without taking off your case. Q4: Does this case discolour after a period of use? Answer:Well I had it for nearly a month now and I don't it's still the same. Trust me you wouldn't be disappointed with this case is good and easy to put on and take off also has corner bumps to give it that extra protection. Q6: Is there a raised lip around the camera lens and around the front of the phone when placed on a flat surface? A: When placed on a flat surface the case protects the screen and camera. Q7: Is the case anti slip or not? A: It isn't.

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