Practical Russian Reader Vol 1

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Practical Russian Reader is designed as both a reader and a workbook for Intermediate students of Russian. It contains sixteen short stories chosen for their interest and entertainment value as well as aids to language learning. Each story has been supplied with a variety of questions and exercises designed to enhance understanding of grammar points and to help in the acquisition of vocabulary. A comprehensive vocabulary to each story has been supplied to enable the conscientious student to obtain an understanding of the gist of each story. Some question keys have been supplied to clarify certain expressions, but as this is not meant to be a parallel text, full translation has not been provided except in the vocabulary lists. Practical Russian Reader will provide students of Russian with an interesting and informative reading experience as they come to grips with learning this fascinating and important language. Practical Russian Reader can be used as a teaching manual in a classroom situation or by Intermediate students working on their own.

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