Relaxation meditiation

Feeling the stress of the day, you can relax in just a few minutes. Download this soothing meditiaion.
I am not sure if this is for you but I am sure you have an open mind and in a few minutes you will feel relaxed and calm.

Three short guided meditations between ten and twelve minutes long. Created for those moments in a day when you need a little breathing space. Listen any time of day or night when you need a few minutes to switch off and unwind from your everyday thoughts. There are plenty of sights, sounds and good positive suggestions. Not only for keeping your mind focussed but to leave you feeling great too!
1.Gentle Forest – 10 minutes
2.Relaxing Seaside – 11 minutes
3. Rainbow Stepping Stones – 11 minutes (Useful for Chakra)

Location: East Midlands - Nottinghamshire
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