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With the increase in the number of mobile device users, the number of mobile applications offered is growing. More and more service providers are trying to adapt their offers to the lifestyle of their customers and users. Thanks to this, advanced services available through smartphones and tablets are the leverage of the mobile market.

How will the mobile application help you maintain contact with regular customers and acquire new ones?

- Push messages (With one click send offers and promotions to all your regular customers, just enter the offer in the window and press the send button to show it on the screen of all your clients' phones. ( The number of push messages is unlimited).

- Download fees using your company's mobile application. (Customers can buy the product or pay for the service with a few clicks, choosing "Paypal", "Payment by any bank card", "Payment on delivery" or "Payment by phone".

- Booking (with a single click) of a table, service or meeting at a given date and time is an extremely useful plugin in each of our applications. Customers love to use in convenience. Thanks to this, you can make it easier for them to run your company's services.

- All information in one place: Once installed, the application remains on the customer's phone until he want to use your services. With one click, he can check the address, phone number and all other information about your company's status.

- Applications can easily be downloaded to any Apple or Android phone. Gain new customers with Google or IOS stores.

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