Tarot Psychological Portrait part I workshops

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Tarot Psychological Portrait part I – workshops
First time in LondonWho am I? Where am I going? What is the purpose of my life? Why is it
happening to me again? What about my finances? What steps do I need to
take to open up to infinite abundance? I want to be happy! How to do
Certainly you must have asked yourself such questions many times over
and you have been looking for answers. They are in an individual
program that is coded in your date of birth, which shows your thru
identity. The birth code holds the key to the incarnation of your soul
on Earth. It is special for everyone and defines their whole life,
throughout experiences and all life lessons. Understanding it, will
enable you to experience your time very consciously and without fear,
allowing you to fully open up to all the best possibilities. By
introducing changes, you will remove blockades and above all you will
experience understanding of all areas of your life.
Tarot's Psychological Portrait is a wonderful technique, allowing you
to understand all areas of yourself. It is based on archetypes of
psychology, philosophy and tarot cards; to have the knowledge is not
I cordially invite you to a workshop where you can not only learn this
great technique, but also understand yourself, bare, clean, real - as
you are!
More details are available at www.magiateria.pl

We invite enthusiasts of esotericism, we will create for you a tarot
psychological portrait, thanks to us you will discover inner-self.
Terms and conditions:
When: 5th of May on Saturday 2018 from 9 am to 5pm
6th of May on Sunday 2018 from 10am to 4 pm
Place: Hackney London.
Contact: to book your place via email

Fee: Pay full amount: £170.00
Pay deposit : £100.00
To: Light Liberation Ltd.
Limited places available! Book early to avoid disappointment.
The deposit need to be paid in an advanced before 8th of April, non refundable.
Please confirm your participation via

Location: London - London
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